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Hotel Management Software
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Hotel Management Software

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soShenou Hotel Software
Has 20 years of hotel management software industry research and precipitation, subordinate to Shenou Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.
SOCHIS hotel management system is a large-scale hotel management software developed by Shenou. It covers many application modules, such as catering, room management, tea house, cafe, bar, bath, KTV, swimming pool and so on. It is suitable for use in all stages of hotels from five-star to medium and small-sized.

Shenou Hotel Software
We have accumulated abundant independent research and development strength and abundant Internet integration cases to create better hotel management solutions for users.

Shenou Hotel Software
On the basis of user needs, we have developed the leading intelligent hotel management solutions in the industry. Shenou Hotel Management System has been upgraded from the original version of SOCHIS 1.0 to the latest version of SOCHIS V5.3.

Shenou Hotel Software
Efforts to create Internet + solutions, fully docking Alipay, WeChat, APP and other systems, to build the foundation for hotel marketing and intelligence, to help the hotel build Internet brand.
Shenou Hotel Software integrates users'high-quality resources to create an open Hotel & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo; business ecosystem to meet the different needs of the hotel at all stages, enhance brand value, and reduce operating costs.

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