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1.No recording problem after hanging up
Solution steps:
Firstly, open WEB“ channel monitoring” interface to check whether the current voltage is in the range of“ function setting” the range of off-hook and on-hook voltage; if the actual off-hook voltage is not in the range of default voltage, manually modify the range of off-hook voltage; if the voltage of off-hook is in the range of default voltage, then confirm“ basic parameter-rdqu; O; the default values of DTMF detection parameters 1-4 are 400, 900, 1000 and 300, respectively.

2.Queries have recorded recordings, but when exhaled, the caller number is opposite or there is no problem with the caller number.
Solution steps:
First, open the WEB "channel monitoring" interface to see if the channel status in the "channel monitoring" interface is normal, hang-up status is idle, and the state in the call is working. If the phone is working when it hangs up, check whether the line is connected properly.
Thirdly, if you confirm that there is no problem with the line, please contact the dealer technicians.

3.Failure to detect the first called number in exhalation
Solution steps:
First, open the WEB "Basic Parameters" interface and confirm whether the key DTMF detection parameter 1-4 is the default configuration(500、1900、2050、458)
These four parameters can then be modified with reference to the following numerical configurations
If there are still problems after the modification, please contact the dealer technician.

4.The Problem of Fewer Numbers in the Exhalation of Called Numbers
Solution steps:
First, open WEB“ basic parameters & rdquo; interface to show whether the opening mode is the first ring and then detection to show the way.
If this is the case, there is still a small number in the middle, please contact the dealer technician.

5.Web Page Can't Open
Solution steps:
Firstly, confirm whether the ARM indicator is flickering. If the hard disk is repaired without flickering, wait 20 minutes to see if the indicator is flickering. If the ARM indicator is not flickering all the time, it means that the device is abnormal and can not work properly.
Secondly, the flashing of the ARM indicator indicates the normal operation of the device, and it needs to check whether the network is normal or not.

6.If the clock battery in the equipment is exhausted, the time can not be saved after power failure, resulting in incorrect time after power-on of the equipment.
Solving steps:
Replacement of batteries in equipment, battery type CR1220

7.Invalid record in inquiry incoming record
Solution steps:
First, open the WEB "Function Settings" interface and confirm whether the "off-hook effective time" and "hang-up effective time" are the default values of 3 and 10; then, properly increase the "hang-up effective time" as 15.


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