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Since 1997, the company has devoted itself to the development and manufacture of jet printer. It has been following the trend of international jet printer science and technology development, taking advantage of many advantages, integrating and absorbing. It has established a first-class domestic development laboratory of jet printer, and has a professional development team of jet printer with multi-disciplinary knowledge of computing software and hardware, automation control and mechanical precision processing. Its self-developed SOP600 series built-in pump jet printer, SOP700 series Shenou white ink jet printer and S8 series high resolution jet printer have strong functions, stable performance, economical operation and convenient use, which have reached the leading domestic level and won wide praise from domestic and foreign users.
Shenou enthusiastically serves the market and users, forming a fast, convenient, efficient and perfect user service system. With the technical support of after-sales service center and technical consultation center of Shenou jet printer, we wholeheartedly provide users with high quality and high efficiency jet printer equipment, and wholeheartedly provide users with the best comprehensive solution. At present, the company has established 20 offices and 80 professional agency service departments throughout the country. Its products are exported to the markets of the United States, Russia, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Shenou company has taken a firm step on the road to realize the internationalization of the jet printer brand.
Shenou Company will always adhere to the business philosophy of “ concentrate on, take the lead in ” and devote itself wholeheartedly to make the products more beautiful and useful. Here we solemnly promise: Shenou jet printer will continue to innovate and upgrade product technology through continuous innovation; through the creation of excellent management, to provide you with quality products, through the improvement of user service system, so that you can rest assured and satisfied.


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