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Enterprise Customer Service Call Center Solution
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Enterprise Customer Service Call Center Solution

(Summary description)I What does Customer Service Center mean? Customer service center is a rich concept, also known as Call Center or Telemarketing, which is one of the means to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of modern enterprises. Its real meaning should be: based on CTI technology, make full use of the integration of multiple functions of communication network and computer network, and integrate with enterprises as a whole integrated letter. Information service system. I Why do business customers lose? What do traditional industries rely on to retain old customers and attract new ones? Why do competitors seem to know more and more about customers?

Enterprise Customer Service Call Center Solution

(Summary description)I What does Customer Service Center mean? Customer service center is a rich concept, also known as Call Center or Telemarketing, which is one of the means to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of modern enterprises. Its real meaning should be: based on CTI technology, make full use of the integration of multiple functions of communication network and computer network, and integrate with enterprises as a whole integrated letter. Information service system. I Why do business customers lose? What do traditional industries rely on to retain old customers and attract new ones? Why do competitors seem to know more and more about customers?

I What does Customer Service Center mean?
Customer service center is a concept with rich connotations, also known as Call Center or Telemarketing. It is one of the means for modern enterprises to improve their comprehensive competitiveness. Its real meaning should be: based on CTI technology, make full use of the integration of multiple functions of communication network and computer network, and integrate with enterprises as a whole integrated information service. Service system.
I Why do business customers lose?
What do traditional industries rely on to retain old customers and attract new ones? Why do competitors seem to know customers better and better, and their new products always open up the market quickly? Our product / service quality is almost the same as others, but we still can't attract more customers? All kinds of facts are illustrating a problem: the competition today is not only between products, but also between services. Even, in some cases, services can grow into a core advantage of an enterprise.
I How to improve enterprise customer service?
Shenou Customer Service Call Center Solution is devoted to helping enterprises build competitive advantages in service, and will make unremitting efforts to promote the transformation of customer service center to profit center. Shenou "Perfect Customer Service" Call Center Solution builds a multi-dimensional three-dimensional communication environment for enterprises through the basic application of call center, establishes the trust of customer groups to enterprises, and then improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.



System functions:
IVR Automatic Voice Navigation Function
When the customer calls the customer service telephone, the system will automatically carry out IVR automatic voice response, and broadcast the corresponding welcome words and voice guide prompts. Customers choose according to their own needs (such as service complaints press 1, product introduction press 2...), and then transfer to the seats or seats of the corresponding skills for processing.
ACD Intelligent Queuing Function
The function of automatic traffic assignment is to arrange operator resources reasonably and assign calls to the most suitable seats for processing automatically. The system can track the status of the telephone station in real time, generate effective traffic queues, allocate queue processing capacity, make full use of system resources, and improve system processing capacity.
Queue Management Function
The system implements automatic traffic assignment for customers'incoming calls, in the case of full busy seating and customer service. The system can enter the waiting queue for future power supply, and provide a variety of intelligent queue management services. Customers waiting in the queue will hear the greetings of the system and broadcast the position of the caller in the queue. If the caller waits too long in the queue, the system will relay the caller to the corresponding location according to the pre-set routing mode, such as other working groups, IVR, external lines, voice mailbox, etc. Callers can also voluntarily withdraw from the queue.
Seating function
Seats do not need to remember complex telephone instructions. Telephone reception, telephone transfer, telephone retention, telephone substitution and so on are directly implemented by dragging and pulling the mouse on the computer. The monitor seats or managers can clearly monitor the communication status of all seats through a clear monitoring interface. All calls can be monitored, recorded, powered, plugged in, interrupted and other privileged management; real-time traffic statistics can be analyzed, traffic flow, inquiry and management system recording; seats, seats groups can be classified.
Function of Caller Screen
When a customer calls, the corresponding information of the customer will be popped up on the computer, including not only the basic information of the customer, but also the customer's asset information, historical service information and other omni-directional information.
Recording function
The system itself has recording resources, which can record all incoming and outgoing calls in real time. Users can flexibly set recording rules for all telephones. The system provides backup of telephone recording, backup, download and playback of telephone recording. Call center managers can check the telephone service quality of the seats at any time to improve the service level of telephone marketing personnel.
Customer Asset Function
Products purchased by customers requiring follow-up services. It may be supplied directly/indirectly by the company or from a third-party supplier. Product warranty information, including product warranty start date, end date, product serial number, etc. Through the call center system call elastic screen customer information function, quickly locate whether the products reported by customers are within the warranty period, as well as historical maintenance information.
Service Request Acceptance
The purpose of service request is to be responsible for the service process and pre-sale product consultation of the enterprise during and after the sale. Technical consultation and fault assistance for products purchased by customers are also a window for customers to seek solutions from service personnel. Service requests are not only suitable for sales enterprises, but also ideal solutions for third-party service providers.
Service Assignment
The dispatch order system is a part of CRM service management module, which is suitable for on-site service of expatriates in various industries. When the attendant receives the customer's service request and achieves the assignment through CRM system, the on-site service personnel can generate the assignment order, assign maintenance personnel, and provide on-site service with the assignment order after receiving the short message notification from the system.
Service Contract
It refers to the service contract signed between enterprises and customers: after-sales service warranty/maintenance contract, transport bill entrusted by customers, customs declaration entrusted by customers for export of goods, etc. When the seats accept customer's questions, they can determine whether they are in the warranty period through the service contract.
Service charge
In order to solve all kinds of charging information generated by enterprises in the process of service, service charging comes from service contract and service assignment.
Return visit to service
Through the return visit record to check the service situation of customer service personnel; insight into customer issues and opinions on the overall service of the enterprise, assess the ability of employees and enhance their sense of responsibility; through the return visit, fully understand the customer's attention to different products and services.

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