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Airport Fire Information System
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Airport Fire Information System

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(Summary description)The radio horn is connected with the linkage control equipment through the speaker cable (powered by the linkage control equipment). The attendants can start the broadcasting at the touch of the alarm software.

Airport Fire Information System

(Summary description)The radio horn is connected with the linkage control equipment through the speaker cable (powered by the linkage control equipment). The attendants can start the broadcasting at the touch of the alarm software.

  • Categories:Party Solutions
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  • Time of issue:2019-05-27 18:49
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I. Construction Principles


2. Procedure of receiving and handling police
1. Call the police.
2. Alarm identification
3. Formulation of dispatch plan
4. Dispatch Order
5. Operation Record Processing
III. Linkage Networking
Horn horn and alarm light in fire building. The communication host includes broadcasting software module, which connects with the linkage control equipment of old and new fire buildings through IP mode, and transmits audio, switching signals, control signals and so on. The radio and alarm bell can be opened by one button linkage, and the alarm sheet can be printed automatically to remind the fire fighters in all areas of the fire station to send out the alarm quickly, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid release of the alarm.
Linkage control equipment includes the functions of power amplifier of broadcasting host and alarm controller of alarm lamp, which is customized for Shenou. Specific networking is as follows:
The radio horn is connected with the linkage control equipment through the speaker cable (powered by the linkage control equipment). The attendants can start the broadcasting at the touch of the alarm software.
The alarm lamp is connected with the linkage control equipment through the signal control line (12V or 24V is supplied by the linkage control equipment). The linkage control equipment can send the control signal of the seated personnel to the alarm lamp, give out sound and light alarm, or without sound.
It can print out the alarm sheet automatically and notify the relevant firefighters automatically by telephone synchronously.
IV. Database
1. Data standardization
2. Preparedness Bank
3. Case base
4. Knowledge Base
5. Hazardous Source Reservoir
6. Key Protection Target Base
7. Rescue Force Bank
8. Resource Base
V. System hot standby
The company uses the system with high availability. For this project, we do hot backup on the hardware and software of communication host, database server, application server and so on. In case of major failures, real-time switching operation will not affect the normal operation of the system. In this system planning, the overall system dual-machine hot standby plan is realized. From communication layer equipment to system layer equipment to software data layer, the overall hot standby is carried out. Eliminate the use of communication interruption caused by equipment failure, and all kinds of important data missing resulting in communication accidents.
1. Communication Layer Thermal Reserve
2. System Layer Equipment Hot Standby
3. Software Data Hot Standby
VI. System Functions
1. Duty Inspection


       2. Automatic Duty Notice
3. Automatically notifying the person responsible
4. Telephone Inspection
One touch call
1. Set up emergency response unit groups.
2. Click on the corresponding button and one button for the manual voice call linkage unit.
3. Do not answer repeated calls from units
4. Statistics on the list of units that have not been answered.
  • Multi-party calls (teleconferencing)
    1. Leaders ask for multi-party calls.
    2. Increase the number of people seated.
    3. The system automatically meets.
    4. Increase/decrease the number of people and the right to speak in meetings.
  • Voice broadcast
  • so
  • Terminal APP
  • so
  • Terminal APP is compatible with existing airport equipment, and mobile APP service is connected with airport 4G network.
    VII. Field and personnel process management
    1. Field Command Management System
    The on-site command and management module is mainly responsible for the information and dispatch management of on-site command and fire fighters and vehicles. Its specific functions are as follows:
    You can inquire about the current situation of vehicle and personnel allocation.
    · It has the function of generating report forms according to the preset conditions of the current vehicle and personnel allocation statistics.
    · Cars and personnel are allocated according to the current situation.
    · Emergency events are dispatched and the real-time progress of the time is followed up.
    · Real-time query and information uploaded by field staff.
    · Conduct assessment of on-site command work.
    · It can edit the summary and summary of on-site command work.
    2. Personnel Management System
    Personnel management is mainly responsible for the management of personnel database, field personnel, reserve personnel, deployment personnel, personnel tracking statistics, real-time situation and other information. The specific functions are as follows:
    · The system is managed by expert database. Administrators can add, delete, query and modify expert data through the system.
    · Administrators can select experts to form an emergency team according to the actual situation on the system.
    · The system has the function of counting the working and idle personnel and teams, and forming report forms at the same time.
    · Users can dispatch orders to teams and personnel through the system.
    · The system can record the whole dispatch order and progress process, and users can track the whole operation process according to the corresponding single number.
    · The system has the functions of querying, statistics, summarizing, uploading and printing the table of team, field personnel, preparation and deployment personnel.
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  • VIII. Systematic Expansion Function
    1. Fire Simulated Exercise
    2. Dynamic deduction
    Use the animation and static business drawing elements in the business icon library to plot on the map. If a fire or rescue accident is assumed, the method of setting the benefits on the map will be drawn by oneself, from the alarm to the end. The map is executed dynamically and played on full screen.
    9. UAV
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as a quick attack, and intuitive view of the fire scene
    Intelligent UAV can play an important role in dealing with emergencies and other times, and it can be easily coped with.
    Intelligent UAV has the advantages of real-time, easy to operate, high flexibility, ultra-low altitude flight, hovering shooting in the air.
    UAV Mission
    · The flight platform can take aerial photographs on the scene of the disaster and send the scene images back to the large screen of the command center immediately.
    · By mounting different task components, it can be widely used to mount small emergency drug delivery.
    · Simple operation, automatic/manual/semi-automatic multiple flight modes, support the whole process of autonomous flight without human intervention. Pre-programming can be carried out by ground station, and the aircraft can complete the flight task independently.

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