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SOC3100 Multi-function KTS
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SOC3100 Multi-function KTS

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An Advanced & Efficient Solution Make Your Business Communication Easier

The Shenou Multifunction Key Telephone System (KTS) is an advanced communications tool which was designed to improve efficiency in business, industry, government etc area. The Multifunction KTS in herits reliable technology in Shenou's KTS series, and merges PBX abundant function. The result is make it as a leading product in KTS field. That provides efficient and flexible communications mode, Key Phone operate with menu type, friendly PC management software, and personality business function.

All these features will make you enjoy the gratification from communications all the time.


Make Communication Simply

Shenou multifunction key phone has a wonderful appearance & craft, programmable keys with dual colour LED, and operation method adapt use menu type. Features include a large, easy to read/store 2/6-line backlit display that can display up to 20 characters, 4-level back-light adjustable, name-card management function, more than 30 items ringer songs (color-ring is optional) , and abbreviate digit dialling function.


Communications Cost-Cutting

The Shenou Multifunction KTS provides PC connection interface, supports USO software billing management which make communications cost-cutting performed. Features include multi-level call limited, call duration limited, statistics and arrange bills etc.


Flexible You Are Appreciate

Our versatile solutions will bring a wide range of benefits to your company. Calls forwarding (All calls, busy, no answer, follow me) to extension or external phone/mobile to sure you answer any important incoming calls to you which will improve service quality, advanced calling service centre make efficiency you can appreciate, call back when busy make you connect requested phone when it's free at first time.


Stronger stability & reliability

Shenou enterprise production & management according to ISO9001:2000 certificate standard which make products with good quality. SOC3100 KTS hardware with multi-level lightning protect, outstanding earthing capability.


Superior call-handling efficiency

■ CO Incoming Calls Type

System supports 3 type answer mode when calls incoming from CO-line.

- Dialling desired extension directly. The caller from CO-line will hear guiding voice when he call KTS, then he dial extension number directly as desired after hearing mentioned voice.

- Transferred by operator. One operator phone or central will ring when calls incoming from CO-line, then this call transferred to desired extension.

- Group ring. System supports at most 10 extensions group ring at the same time when has call incoming from CO-line. One of them pick-up the hook to answer,the left extension rings will finish.

■ Announcement Voice Three Paragraph Built-in

System built-in three paragraph announcement voice when exterior incoming calls from CO-line.

- 1ST: Hello, please dial extension number, dial zero for operator or now is off duty, dial zero for operator.

- 2ND: Extension is busy now, please dial other extension or sorry, extension is busy now, please redial it later.

- 3RD: Nobody answer the call, please dial other extension or sorry, nobody answer the call, please redial it late.

- Each paragraph guiding voice has 5 type can be selected. Furthermore, system supports recording guiding voice by yourself.

■ Forwarding The Calls

- Forwarding to EXT / CO/ Mobile

- Forwarding Immediately

- Forwarding When Busy

- Forwarding When No Answer

- Forwarding When Refused

■ Conference Call

System supports 5 parts internal & external caller has call conference at most. During conversation, callee parts can speak or exit the call conference, caller exit then the call conference finish.

■ Growing CO-lin

System CO-line can be divided into 12 group at most, extensions also can be divided into 12 group totally. So one group of extensions can share one or more group CO-line.

Furthermore, system supports private CO-line for important extension, other extension can not share this CO-line.

■ Music Source Built-in/out

System build-in 12 items harmony music, you can select whatever you like. The caller will hear background music when the call being transferred. You can also select personality background music from outside source like PC, MP3 etc.

■ Capacity Expanded Easy

The hardware of main unit of KTS was designed with module structure, and it can be expanded easily when you need more capacity in future. Each expandable parts like extension card, trunk card, optional parts.

■ System Other Features

- Animus call pursue

- Automatic plus number

- Automatic route selection / Least cost routing

- Background music

- Backup battery interface

- Broad-case

- Built-in BGM

- Call back when busy

- Call duration limited

- Caller ID (DTMF / FSK)

- Class of service

- Call park with indication

- Call pickup (Directed, Group, DSS, Deny)

- Call protect

- Dual voice box

- Extension lock

- Flexible numbering plan (1-4 digits)

- Long distance calls restriction

- Group calls incoming

- Hot-line numbering

- Inner call restricted

- Multi-set charge parameters

- Outgoing code setup

- PC programming phone programming

- Private CO-line

- Ring time setup

- Secretary function

- Trunk group (12 group) / Extension group (12 group)

- Uniform dialing

- Virtual central


System capacity & specifications


Parts Name

Basic Capacity

Maximum Capacity


CO line



EXT line



Key phone line



Net weight

3.5 Kgs

4.5 Kgs


410 X 340 X 160 (mm)


CO line



EXT line



Key phone line



Net weight

4.5 Kgs

5.5 Kgs


420 X 340 X 120 (mm)


CO line



EXT line



Key phone line



Net weight

9.5 Kgs

13.5 Kgs


445 X 300 X 135 (mm)


Mighty business function of key phone

■ Easy-to Use Navigatro Key

SOC3180/3150 Multi-function Key Phone intuitive Navigator Key helps extension users quickly select and control various features, including commonly used settings such as microphone, speaker and ringer volume, and adjusting LED background lightness.

■ PC & Telephone Console

SOC8180/8150 series key phone can be used as console for operator to deal with the icoming calls from CO-line. It will make operator easily to handle calls and perform other tasks. Detail as below lis.

- Secretary function

- One key dialling

- Calls holding

- Call back

- Redial / Auto redial

- Forwarding call

- Refusing call

■ Character/ Digit Display

By providing visual feedback, the user friendly display makes it easier to handle calls and perform other tasks. Use the display to view a variety of information (see list below), you can also make calls by following the visual prompts shown on the display.

- Record of incoming and outgoing calls(Call record)

- Incoming caller's name and number

- System/ personal speed dialling

- Extension lists

- Menu of system features

- Call duration

- Callee extension name and number

- Date / time

■ Programming Key With Dual Colour LED

Programming key and DSS key supports one touch operation function which makes system with higher productivity. Each programming key and DSS key with dual colour LED, you can know the habitus include CO-line, extension etc. through its colour.

■ Key phone other features

- Account code entry

- Automatic answer call

- Automatic redial

- Background lightness setup

- Call forwarding (All Calls, Busy, No Answer, Refuse, Follow me)

- Call hold

- Call intercept to trunk

- Call transfer (To extension, Trunk, Mobile)

- Character / digit display

- Conference (8 parts, CO conference)

- Day / night service mode

- Do not disturbed (DND)

- DSS key forwarding call

- DSS console

- DSS key to CO-line

- Executive busy override

- Hot keyboard

- LED display with menu type

- Multi-ring setup

- Music on hold

- Speed dialing

- Phone book management

- Speaker

- Volume adjusting for speaker, microphone and ringing

■ Key phone capacity








6 - lines

2 - lines


Line keys




Speaker phone

Full duplex

Full duplex


64 key add-on module








Navigator key




Dual color LED




Phone book

Yes (500 bills)

Yes (100 bills)






Ring tone

21 song

12 song


Environment Requestion

- AC: 220V±10% 50~60Hz

- DC: 24 V±10%(Battery: 17AH)

- Power Consume: 30-50W

- Temperature: 0℃~50℃

- Humidity: 10%~90℃

System application


Shenou - Your Partner in Business Communications

The customers’ profit is always our highest priority. Our products and services open up new business opportunities for you and help you optimize processes. We will combine with your present systems to protect your investments.

Our solutions make communication more cost-effective and contribute to a faster return on investment.


For more detail technical supports, please contact with us.


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