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HJK-120 Key Telephone System (KTS)
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HJK-120 Key Telephone System (KTS)

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Powerful features to make you enjoy the ideal solution.

The HJK-120 Key Telephone System (KTS) is an advanced communications tool designed to improve efficiency in business, industry, government etc area. The KTS inherits reliable technology Shenou's KTS series, and merges PBX abundant function. The result is make it as a leading product in KTS field that provides efficient and flexible communications mode, friendly PC management software, and personality business function.

All these features make you enjoy the gratification from communications all time.


Main Features:

- Supports internal & external caller ID display (DTMF / FSK)

- Suppors day & night service mode

- Flexible numbering with 1 - 4 digits

- 3 paragraph announcement voice for incoming call (standard / recordable)

- Union dialling for outgoing call (DOD)

- 12 item background music built-in

- Supports software management through PC (optional)

- Back - up battery interface built-in (optional)

■ Call Forwarding Function

- Forwarding to C/O line

Call from extension or C/O can be forwarded to C/O or mobile phone. During forwarding, operator can enquire forwarded subscriber whether to receive the call or not.

- Forwarding immediately

Extension will forwarding calls to destination automatically after setting.

- Forwarding when busy

Extension will forwarding calls to destination automatically when busy.

- Forwarding when there’s no answer

Extension will forwarding calls to destination automatically when no answer.

■ Call duration limited

Supports inner call duration limited, incoming call duration limited, outgoing call duration limited. Furthermore, system will make sounds and give you hint that only 30S or 10S left.

■ Hot line numbering

Extension can set one extension number or C/O number as hot line number so that it doesn't need to dail any number which can to be called after picking up phone..

■ Trunk grouping

System CO-line can be divided into 12 group at most, extensions also can be divided into 12 group total. groups totally. So one group of extensions would share one or more groups CO-line. Furthermore, system supports private CO-line for important extension, other extension can not share this CO-line.

■ Call pick up (directed, group)

■ Incoming call answer type

System supports incoming call to extension after hearing announcement voice or to operator directly. The guide voice e.g. “Welcome call to Shenou company, please dial extension number orl dial 0 for operator”. Customer also can record the announcement voice by themselves.

■ Call park with indication

When extension is talking, this extension will hear indication voice when third part call it. And the caller will hear wait tone.

■ Best cost router

System supports best cost outgoing router after setting rate.

■ Group calls incoming

System supports multi-set extension ring with circulation when has incoming call.

■ Deposit management function

System supports extension class up / down automatically depend on balance cost. When extension class limit, it can not make an outgoing call. This function is good for hotel, enterprise who need charge and bills.

■ Billing charge management function

System supports multi-set charge rate for outgoing calls. E.g. holiday with half discount, and some special number like fire, police phone are free of charge.


System capacity & specifications  


Parts Name

Basic Capacity

Maximum Capacity


CO line



EXT line



Key phone line

Not support



Battery interface


Net weight

4.5 Kgs

10 Kgs




CO line



EXT line



Key phone line

Not support



Battery interface


Net weight

5.0 Kgs

10.5 Kgs



Environment Requestion

- AC: 220V±10% 50~60Hz

- DC: 24 V±10%(Battery: 4AH)

- Power Consume: 20-50W

- Temperature: 0℃~50℃

- Humidity: 10%~90℃


Shenou - Your Partner in Business Communications

The customers’ profit is always our highest priority. Our products and services open up new business opportunities for you and help you optimize processes. We will combine with your present systems to protect your investments.

Our solutions make communication more cost-effective and contribute to a faster return on investment.


For more detail technical supports, please contact with us.


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