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SOC8000 Dispatching system
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SOC8000 Dispatching system

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Brief Introduction

SOC8000 Dispatching System is an advanced dispatching & commanding system which was designed to improve efficiency for produce factory such as Electric Power, Chemical Industry, Petrolem, Steel Works etc corporation. The SOC8000 Dispatching System inherits reliability technology in Shenou's dispatching system, and merges individual requirement. The result is make it as a excellent product in dispatching field that provides efficient and flexible communications mode, multi-level call control, multi-type trunk interface, friendly software management, and personality commanding function.


Main Features:

■ Top quality of hardware configuration

System hardware adopts Winbond 32-bit microprocessor, LSI (large scale integrated circuit) from U.S. National Semiconductor Corporation and MITEL Corporation, programmable unit of CPLD\FPGA, HARTING socket connector and the other top quality components.

■ Reasonable construction, flexible configuration

System with no-blocking whole digital switch network, each module makes switch network as center and with standard unit interface which make sure different unit with interchange ability. With mixed slots features make system with flexible capacity configuration, customer may define system extension/trunk proportion freely.

■ Easy operation & perfect management

System management software was designed base on Windows system which with integrated management software and includes traffic viewing, parameters setting, charge management etc function module.

■ Call center (CTI system) for enterprise

Shenou call center (CTI system) makes call center with universality, each enterprise may buildup Shenou call center to improve efficient, labour cost reduction, improve quality of service & image for customer. Shenou call center with the features e.g. identification and process for order information from the phone, subscriber use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technical to make self-help service, system distribute incoming call to last familiarity operator to get quick service.

■ On-line recording system (Optional)

System supports plush type recording function for extension & trunk with 32 channels or more. It adopts telecom level communication (G7.11) standard for tone quality, 1G hard-disk capacity may save 35.5 hours phone conversation (Hard disk capacity has 80G/160G two type). Operator may listen & manage recorded information in local computer or remote computer through internet.

■ Voice mail system (Optional)

The VMS may exective all features without need configured extral computer. System use hard disk as memory medium, 1G hard-disk capacity may save 35.5 hours phone conversation (Hard disk capacity has 80G/160G two type).

■ Voice navigation system (Optional)

System supports each type multi-level interactive prompt voice which may improve service level for subscriber.

■ Color ring system (Optional)

System supports telecom level color ring solution e.g. operator phone with color ring, extension with color ring, trunk with color ring. Operator may upload color ring tone for all operator phone, extension and trunk. Furthermore, the color ring play mode may be chosen by incoming phone number, be chosen base on date or time, be chosen by turns etc.

■ Conference call system

System supports interior & exterior phone makes conference call total 8 parts with both ways, and interior phone one way no limit

■ Flash memory for billing system

System provides flash memory with 64M for billing system so that system may save 2 million bills on hardware and never loss. When hardware connected with computer, bills may transfer to computer software system automatically. When computer power off, system may stop transferring and bills may not loss.

■ Advanced VOIP feature

The VOIP solution can be widely used for small and medium sized enterprises & group enterprise which with many branch office. VOIP system supports voice, video (SIP video phone) and data (fax) service for all IP terminal suscriber, the result is VOIP provide an all-in-one solution & save communication cost for enterprise.

■ On-line Update

When system need to update, customer no need to return back the chips to factory for updating. Operator may get new version program from our website then upload it by himself easily. This solution will save time & extral fee for customer.

■ Least cost routing

System provides multi-type trunk interface to access different telecom operator. The system will select the cheapest route of telecom operator automatically to go according to the called number.

■ Remote maintenance

Operator may login system through internet or E1 time slot to exective remote maintenance such as trafic real time veiw, billing inquiry, hardware fault veiw etc.

■ Stronger tandem features

System supports multi-set dispatching system connected each one through PCM route (SS7, PRI, R2 signal & VOIP) and make these system as a bigger intercom network. All of these extension outgoing wil go through headquarters system. It supports PSTN to PSTN, PSTN to VOIP, VOIP to VOIP.

■ High reliability

All ports (EXT and TRK circuit) with against over current and over voltage protection. Even though who linking up it with 220V AC power will not damage to the system.

■ Flexible charging system

System with flexible operation on charge type, charge mode and charge parameters. Opreator may inquiry charge information freely according to communication mode, extension number and time, then print out a list.

■ Low power consumption

System consist of high degree integrated & low power consume chips & components, when extension is free, it will be at low power consumption status.

■ Lightning proof

System with 3 level lighting proof and has passed K20 lightning proof test.


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