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SOC-JF charge device
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SOC-JF charge device

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Brief Introduction

SOC-JF telephone charge device has an abundant function, and it supports long distance LCD display. Features of this equipment like simple operation and convenient usage, meanwhile, it is suitable for small telephone supermarket.


Main Features:

■ Network management function: Download charge bill and upload charge rate to system through remote terminal. (Optional)

■ Adjust new charge rate for system by hot line and call restricted function.

■ Long-distance LCD display: Charge device LCD is for operator viewing, long distance LCD display (maximum distance is 15m) is for customer viewing. The long-distance LCD also supports on-hook, off-hook and phone locked status.

■ Charge nicety: Supports IDD, DDD, local phone, mobile phone, pager and incoming call charge.

■ Multi-type charge model: Anti-pole, delay and manual charge.

■ Bills inquiry: System can totally save 350 bills and add up the total amount.

■ Change charge rate automatically when in holidays.

■ System supports calculate multi-call for total charge.

■ Deposit function.

■ Multi-method charge rate of transmission: Through computer and equipment to equipment.

■ Multi-level data protection: When equipment is power off, equipment clock will keep going automatically and data will be saved well.

■ Back-up battery connecting: Equipment may connected with 12V back-up battery when the normal power is power off.

■ Lighting protects function: Device telephone line with over current & voltage protect function.


Function Introduction

■ Check-out function

When subscriber finish his call, the device will display call duration and charge.To make preparation for next subscriber, press “INQ” may clear all the phone record to “zero”.

■ Inquiry function

When device had cleared the bills record and at “zero” state, operator can press “INQ” key to inquire the content below.

■ Appointed Rate & Ahead Number Inquiry

Example: Operator want to inquire the ahead number (phone number ahead section, like 0711-110900, ahead number is 0711) charge rate. Then operator should operate as below.

Input [ # * 0711] → [On hook] →press [INQ] → press “∧” to check other record.

■ Total Accumulative Charge for Period of Time

1> Inquiry from day to day (three month at most)

Example: Inquire the total charge from 06(year) 10(month) 18(date) to 06(year) 10(month) 21(date) .

Operate: Input [ 061018 * 061021 * ] → LCD display

2> Inquire from minutes to minutes (recently 350 bills available)

Example:Inquire the total charge from 06(year) 10(month) 18(date) 12(hour) 30(minute)to 06(year) 10(month) 21(date)18(hour) 30(minute).

Operate: Input [ # 0610181230 #] → on-hook → [ # 0610211830 * ]

■ “FUN” Key: Switch telephone lock status and display current date & time

■ Transfers Call Rate

1> RS232 transfer call rate

Use RS232 transmission line to connect the interface of charge equipment “CO1” with the interface of computer RS232 (DB9 pin connect to computer, 6P crystal plug to charge equipment)

2> Transfer call rate of equipment to equipment


Technical Parameters

■ Charge channel: one.

■ Interposition attenuation: < 0.5dB

■ Frequency response: ±0.3dB (300~3400Hz, according to 800Hz, 0dB )

■ Charge exactitude rate: 99.99%

■ Work power supply: AC 220V ±15%

■ Power consume: < 1W

■ Temperature: -10℃~45℃

■ Measurement: 200mm×170mm×70mm

■ Weight: 0.5Kg


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