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SOT2000 Multi-lines Telephone Charge Device
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SOT2000 Multi-lines Telephone Charge Device

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Brief Introduction

This device can time and charge to four phone-sets at the same time, which can also realize

remote screen display. It is simply operated and facilitate used, and need not connect with

computer. It can be widely used in the small phone shop.


Main Features:

■ With network management function to realize phone bill upload and rate download (Optional).

■ It meets requirement of various rates: hotline and restriction dialing function.

■ Large LCD screen display: Display many kinds of states, such as pick-up state, charge state, lock state. Additionally, it also connect 15M screen to face users.

■ Display calls duration and charge of four lines at the same time.

■ With various charge modes: anti-pole, delay and manual.

■ Full screen displays phone number that you dialed, call duration and call charge when users check bills.

■ Total automatically daily subtotal sum and total amount of each line.

■ With discount rate function.

■ With subtotal sum function: System adds up call duration and call charge for multi-calls automatically.

■ Deposit function.

■ With various transmission rate modes, the operation is very convenient and flexible.

■ Multilevel data protection: To automatically keep clock correct and data parameters can not be lost after power off.

■ Backup power: The device can continue to work when city power is cut off.

■ Anti- lightning and anti-jamming design.


Function Introduction

■ Balance Function

Press the corresponding “TEL” key after pressing “CLEAR” key, operator can clear this line including total call time & charge record which last subscriber dialed . So that this will prepare for next subscriber.

After subscriber paying the charge, please let operator clear this line call record.

■ Inquire Phone Bill (Full Screen Display)

Press “BILL” key, and then press the corresponding “TEL” key, the charge system full-screen display the last phone bill.

■ Calculate Call Charge

■ Total Amount during period of time

-- Inquiry from day to day (three month at most).

-- Inquiry from minutes to minutes (recently 350 bills available)

■ Inquire Rate

Inquire rate of the appointed head number

■ Clear Screen

Function for“BILL” key is to clear screen.

■ Rate Transmission

-- Transmit by PC port.

-- Transmit by two Charge System


Technical Parameters

■ Environment:

Relative Humidity: 10%-95%

Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106Kpa

Noise: <60dB(A)

Temperature: -10℃-+40℃

■ AC Power: 187V-242V

■ Intervention Attenuation: ≤0.5dB(800Hz)

■ Frequency Response: ±0.3dB (during 300~3400Hz, 800Hz, 0dB )

■ Isolation Resistance: >10MΩ

■ Level of Interface noise: ≤-67dBmp

■ Accuracy of Dual Audio-frequency Receiving: ≥99.99%

■ Time Precision: <±1second (charge mode is polar-reverse)


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